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Plus Size Women's Fashion

Women's fashion is a huge topic. This is a multi million-dollar industry. There are many aspects to the women's fashion industry. We will focus on the Plus Size fashion. This is a whole industry within an industry that has emerged.

Like any other women portion of the fashion industry, women's plus size fashion does have body shapes. It is untrue that all plus sizes are the same shape. All body shapes are present in the plus size sector of women. However, it is true that most plus size women do have an apple shape. This poses very challenging for the plus size women who want to focus on fashion.

The apple shaped woman has problem areas that tend to be easy to hide. Many apple shaped woman have thinner arms and legs, this is an asset and advantage that needs to be used when considering.

The challenge for the apple shaped woman is that the majority of their weight is around their midsection. This group also tends to have a full bustline, a wide back and wide shoulders. If you have an apple shape the upper part of your body will be larger than the lower half.

How do you add fashion, positive fashion for the apply body type?

First you start at the top. Focus on shirts and tees that draw the eye upward. Tops with designs along the shoulder and neckline will add focus and drama to your fashion. It draws the eye towards the upper portion of the body. Another tip is to purchase sleeveless tops, which will draw attention to the slender arms. When purchasing tops focus on longer shirts or blouses that extend down to the widest portion of the hips. This will balance out your body shape and give added fashion just by making these simple choices.

To create super fashion wear a see-through outer shirt and a properly fitting sleeveless top. This combination will add fashion to any outfit and allow you to focus on your asset of slimmer arms. The selection of slacks can assist in creating a more balanced look also. Wide legged slacks will balance out the larger upper body in relationship to the lower body. If you also have slimmer ankles you might want to try wide legged Capris.

Another point to consider in your fashion selections for the apple shaped plus size is the selection of skirts. A-line skirts and A-line broomstick skirts work well for this body shape. Be sure to wear them where your natural waistline is located, this will camouflage the heavier midsection.

For the apple shaped plus size woman fashion must also include the shoes. Due to the heaviness of the upper body there needs to be a focus on heavier shoes. Heavier does not always mean large and bulky, it means a heavy focus on the shoe. This can also be achieved with strap sandals, which will also focus the eye towards the slimmer legs and ankles. This is using fashion to focus the eye on the assets rather than the difficult portions of the body shape.

It is important to realize that fashion adds the focus. It is like dressing up your body with glamour and bling. These techniques allow you to emphasize the assets and down-play the problem areas.

There are a few other tips for any plus-size woman who wishes to focus on fashion and use it to her advantage. The key here is to focus on your figure, no matter the size.

Focus on Fitted: The waist, no matter the size needs to be visible. Blazers, which have a focus on a waistline and are not more like a men's jacket, will greatly emphasize your figure. Tailored will give the outfit structure and show curves and really give a slimmer look. That is true even if you do not have a 36/24/36 shape.

Focus on Color and Style: Don't shy away from color. Black is slimming but it is also boring. A bright outfit with bold color combined with a focus on style can be very flattering. When wearing a top with a great deal of focus on style and texture, tone down the bottom half of the outfit with simple slacks or skirts. It can balance out the look of your figure and give you the look of a lady of fashion. Remember adding color is important. Adding a pop of color under a jacket will draw the eye vertically and will elongate the figure. For a full figured woman, that is a good fashion tip.

Focus on Accessories: In fashion it is often said, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. This is a key element of fashion. It dresses up the outfit and gives the added touch that says fashion. Pay attention to colors and weight as you add accessories. A wide belt at the natural waistline will tend to create the look of an hour-glass figure.

These are some basic tips for plus-size women to achieve the level of style and fashion that will turn heads for the right reason.

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